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My Short HairMommy2go is a perspective platform providing social commentary on the issues that impact the triumphs and challenges of motherhood. I also seek to bring a voice to all Super Moms by highlighting strengths and weaknesses when raising children, fostering relationships with significant others and cultivating careers. As a Super Mom who loves her family and enjoys her career, I learned a long time ago that there is no balance to work and life. Instead, I decided to embrace the chaos on my terms.

As founder of Mommy2go, I admire mothers of all cultures and ethnic groups. I am a native of Monrovia, Liberia, raised in the United States. My East African father and West African mother shaped my perspective through tradition, values and a strict upbringing.  All of which I learned to appreciate later in life after having my four children.

My professional background is a hybrid of my dreams, desires and reality; it has afforded me wonderful life experiences. In my 20s, I attempted to use my Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and dabbled in media. Soon after, I was quite bored and decided to leave my home in Georgia for Hollywood. For almost two years and with two kids in tow, I was a professional actor working on commercials, plays and independent films. Entering my 30s, my husband and I moved to New Jersey and had two more children. For the next ten years, I worked as an educator and graduated from law school.

Outside of God and my family, I love writing. I consider myself a professional chameleon who constantly seeks versatility and growth. The journey wasn’t always the most pleasant, but there was never a dull moment. Where I encountered disappointment, fear and self-loathing, I turned to my journal. I never stopped writing.

Now, I write for Super Moms like me who have learned or are learning to make sense of the chaos.

Mommy2go is One SuperMom’s Coherent Chaos & Ramblings.


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