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Mother of Seven Dies in Jail for $2000 Truancy Fine

A mother should not be subjected to jail for failure to pay truancy violations.

Refreshing Popsicle Recipes for the Summer Heat

Who knew that key lime, colada, and cucumber could turn into a tasty popsicle treat? Check out these refreshing recipes to beat the summer heat. (photo courtesy of Weed’em & Reap)

Got Tired? Lose the Wine!

Skip wine before bedtime if you want to feel rested.
(photo courtesy of

Golden Girls had a Golden Mother
golden girls

Golden Girls star Rue McClanahan will be missed. The Oklahoma native was an honors student before she was an award-winning actor.

Drowning is Not What it Seems

Have fun swimming this summer, but watch out for a silent killer.

Chewing Gum Can Land the Job

Stock up on your favorite pack of gum. Chewing before an interview could be the difference in whether or not you land the job.
(photo courtesy of Mashable via FLICKR, DARREN SHAW)

13 Tattoos Is Not All That Counts for Jolie

A few tattoos never hurt any super mom, especially if you are Angelina Jolie.

If You Like Flavored Water, Read This

Water has endless health benefits, so why not drink it with a twist.
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Can You Really Get an Intense Workout in 4 minutes?

Get a complete workout in just four minutes!

A Mom Who Knows How to be the Boss

Alyssa Milano is a classy supermom who knows how to be the boss.

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