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On Jheri Curls, Social Media, and Memes

Posting personal moments and pictures on social media leaves you open to criticism and insensitivity of complete strangers. One mother found out the hard way about the importance of protecting her children’s precious moments.

342 Victims — A Gun Has More Liberty Than A Human Life

Understanding why 342 victims in mass shootings has not changed the gun conversation. (photo courtesy of

The One Thing You Are Afraid to Admit About Motherhood

Are you a lonely mother? Motherhood is a blessing, but dealing with the bag of emotions can be a curse.
(photo courtesy of

Single Mother is a UCLA Graduate with Three Degrees

A single mother of three sons creates a compelling legacy. As a recent graduate of UCLA with three degrees, Jordan rewrites her life’s script.

On Breastfeeding, Exposed Nipples, and Displaced Judgment

Images of Karlesha Thurman and other mothers are exactly what our society needs. How can we support over sexualization of the female body by praising celebrities such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and Madonna, but remain adverse to breastfeeding?

Audra’s Broadway Turn Up is Historical

The road to Broadway is paved with disappointment, attempted suicide, redemption, and history-making. Audra McDonald – a creative masterpiece in all that she touches.

A Super Bad Mother and First Lady

Chirlane McCray’s candid accounts are a testament to the tenacity and strength of a revolutionary first lady.

Reading is Still Fundamental

[posted at] My father would read Richard Scarry’s volume of stories with me. As a child, I never made the connection that literary enrichment was the key to my academic successes. Now I read everyday.

Minimize Summer Camp Chaos With Alternative Scheduling

Incorporate your own alternative scheduling to minimize summer time chaos.
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Family Love is a Breeze for this Super Mom

Family is important, but so is loving your high school sweetheart. There was an “us” before there was a “them.”

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