Babysitting to Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy made this super mom a political superstar.

Super mom of two children, Harvard law professor, published author of several books, a bankruptcy tour de force, and Senator are only a few of the accolades of our favorite middle class emissary Elizabeth Warren. As the New Sheriff of Wallstreet,” Warren is well-recognized for her outspoken advocacy against unfair financial practices, including the predatory lending scandal during the 2008 financial debacle.  Before unseating former Senator Scott Brown in 2013, Warren introduced the idea of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and advised the Obama administration on its creation after the collapse.


Young Elizabeth [photo courtesy of]

Humble beginnings are often the story of a people’s champion. For Warren, humility began at a very young age in her hometown of Oklahoma. Her father was a janitor and her mother worked in the catalogue department at Sears. But after her father’s heart attack, Warren worked as a babysitter to bring in extra money. She was nine-years old. At 13-years old, she waited tables in her Aunt’s restaurant. Though she worked on behalf of her family at a young age, it did not hinder her academic successes. She graduated from high school with a full debating scholarship to George Washington University.


With her children Amelia and Alex

Like most women, Warren’s professional development ebbed and flowed with the needs of her family. After two years at George Washington, she left and moved to Texas with her then boyfriend. Between the ages of 18 to 22, Warren graduated from college, got married, started teaching elementary school, and had her first child. In 1971, she followed her husband to New Jersey, and attended Rutgers Law School. Upon completion, she had her second child.

Now divorced and remarried for 31 years, the 65-year old Warren is just getting started. She is a resilient voice for not only the middle class, but for all women. The one initiative that has served as the cornerstone for her advocacy was implanted 36 years ago. In response to her pursuit to question the practicality of new bankruptcy laws in 1978, Warren recently told Vanity Fair,

I set out to prove they were all a bunch of cheaters. I was going to expose these people who were taking advantage of the rest of us.






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