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Babysitting to Bankruptcy

As the financial conscience of our nation, this super mom was shaped through babysitting and bankruptcy.

342 Victims — A Gun Has More Liberty Than A Human Life

Understanding why 342 victims in mass shootings has not changed the gun conversation. (photo courtesy of

On Breastfeeding, Exposed Nipples, and Displaced Judgment

Images of Karlesha Thurman and other mothers are exactly what our society needs. How can we support over sexualization of the female body by praising celebrities such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and Madonna, but remain adverse to breastfeeding?

Audra’s Broadway Turn Up is Historical

The road to Broadway is paved with disappointment, attempted suicide, redemption, and history-making. Audra McDonald – a creative masterpiece in all that she touches.

Golden Girls had a Golden Mother
golden girls

Golden Girls star Rue McClanahan will be missed. The Oklahoma native was an honors student before she was an award-winning actor.

A Super Bad Mother and First Lady

Chirlane McCray’s candid accounts are a testament to the tenacity and strength of a revolutionary first lady.

Drowning is Not What it Seems

Have fun swimming this summer, but watch out for a silent killer.

Chewing Gum Can Land the Job

Stock up on your favorite pack of gum. Chewing before an interview could be the difference in whether or not you land the job.
(photo courtesy of Mashable via FLICKR, DARREN SHAW)

13 Tattoos Is Not All That Counts for Jolie

A few tattoos never hurt any super mom, especially if you are Angelina Jolie.

Minimize Summer Camp Chaos With Alternative Scheduling

Incorporate your own alternative scheduling to minimize summer time chaos.
(Photo courtesy of Groupon)

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