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Finding Peace in Unemployment

Revisiting the dilemmas of unemployment and motherhood.

Do You Want to be A Fit Mom?

Family, work, and self can be so consuming, leaving no time to be healthy. Check out this great site before you give up on getting fit.
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Say Goodbye to Your Morning Blues

If you think morning workouts are for morning people, think again. Here are tips to say goodbye to your morning blues.

The One Thing You Are Afraid to Admit About Motherhood

Are you a lonely mother? Motherhood is a blessing, but dealing with the bag of emotions can be a curse.
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Got Tired? Lose the Wine!

Skip wine before bedtime if you want to feel rested.
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Chewing Gum Can Land the Job

Stock up on your favorite pack of gum. Chewing before an interview could be the difference in whether or not you land the job.
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If You Like Flavored Water, Read This

Water has endless health benefits, so why not drink it with a twist.
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Am I Still the Angry Black Woman

[posted at] Anger can take you to the point of no return. When fueled by love, it causes Solange to attack her brother-in-law. When fueled by rage, it causes twins to murder their mother. I had to get help after this happened…

How to Survive Unemployment Depression

The unemployment rate is at an all time low. Still, there are millions dealing with the despair of joblessness. Here are five tips that helped me find purpose and move beyond my own limitations.

I am a law school dropout!

I started law school in 2004 and dropped out in 2005! With a full-time job, a hubby and four children in tow, it was difficult to keep up with the demand. Here are 5 steps to survival.(photo courtesy of

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