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The Letter to Myself – Big Butts Don’t Matter

My high school ex-boyfriend dumped me for the girl with the bigger butt. I was devastated then. Now, that moment in my life is an insignificant memory, like so many others. This letter to myself is for that girl…

Workout Confessions of a Skinny Fat Girl
Confession of Skinny Fat pic-1

Skinny fat girls need to workout too! Otherwise you may have to deal with multiple health issues that come with age.
I quit workout regimens several times because I was doing it for vanity’s sake. A healthy lifestyle can be maintained with the right intentions and a few good resources.
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He Can Sleep, But I Can’t!

My body waits almost 40 years to develop a sleep disorder??? Seriously! My husband and I decided to┬áreignite our clean…

YouTube Natural Do

This style was almost an epic failure.

Kinky Girl

My Advice: We are all equipped with everything we need to get what we want.

Three Months Off…
Headshot-1 copy

If I had three months off…all the world would be a stage!

Fibroids in my Uterus – A Life Changing Experience
Fibroids in your uterus...READ THIS!

Mommy2go contributor shares her experiences on the road to fibroid surgery.

Get Healthy – Your Butt Will Thank You

I wanted to eat whatever…my butt had a different idea.

Fashionable – Chic
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Simple tips for new moms in unpredictable climates.

Must Have Beauty Tool – A Spoon???

An alternative use for your spoon that will have you looking beautiful.

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