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“Kiley’s Purple Hat,” a Beautifully Handcrafted Children’s Book, Available for Pre-Order Following Kickstarter Success

A side-sewn picture book rekindling family story time, “Kiley’s Purple Hat” lets children discover colors, textures and creating something with their own hands; currently in production and will be available in time for the holidays. [PRNewsFoto/OSAAT Entertainment]

What Happens When Bystanders Stand Up to Bullying?

Bullying and cyberbullying are a part of growing up today. Surveys show that nearly 30 percent of middle and high school students have been bullied at school and 43 percent have experienced cyberbullying in the past year. [PRNewsFoto/Be Smart. Be Well.]

Is Eva Mendes Expecting? You Decide (slideshow)
eva mendes

Can you tell by these pics if Eva Mendes is expecting? Hmmm…

Surprising Results for Public vs. Private College Grads

The economic recession has leveled the playing field for private and public college graduates. Guess who earns more?

An Unborn Baby Performs a Miracle

With two teams of doctors, an unborn baby, and a serious heart condition one Pennsylvania mother experiences a miracle. [photo courtesy of]

Stay At Home Dad Learns the Hard Way
stay at home

Apology accepted. Former working father turned stay at home dad gets a dose of reality, as he spends his day fending off temper tantrums with chicken nuggets.

Child Fears Dentist and Is Kidnapped?

Fear of the dentist is a part of growing up for some children. But for this 12-year old French boy, a dentist appointment turned into a kidnapping fantasy. [photo courtesy of The Local]

Mom Protests Dress Code – Photo Goes Viral

A North Carolina super mom finds a way to speak up for her child after the last day of school.

Spanking is Good Discipline for These Celebrity Parents

You will be surprised to find out which celebrity parents are spanking their children.

Sugar is the Sweetest Killer

Excess sugar causes excess problems. Believe it or not the majority of drinks in your pantry may contain this dangerous substance.
(photo courtesy of blog.harvardvanguard)

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