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Single Mother is a UCLA Graduate with Three Degrees

A single mother of three sons creates a compelling legacy. As a recent graduate of UCLA with three degrees, Jordan rewrites her life’s script.

Mother of Seven Dies in Jail for $2000 Truancy Fine

A mother should not be subjected to jail for failure to pay truancy violations.

Mom Chokes 12-Year-Old Bully

A frustrated mom teaches a 12-year-old bully a lesson.

Why Math Brings Some Parents to Tears

Grade-school math should not bring any parent to tears. With the implementation of Common Core standards, this may become the latest narrative in education reform.

Homeschooling Mom Sends Seven Children to College by Age 12

Mona Lisa Harding’s decision to homeschool her ten children was not as crazy you might think.

Mom Makes Good Bills with an HP

How did a Richmond, Virginia mom make thousands of dollars using her inkjet printer?

Pregnant Women Are Unsafe Drivers

Pregnant and driving? You are more likely to have a car crash according to a recent study.

Sex Tapes Are Better Than Stabbings

Mimi Faust’s disillusioned response to the effect her sex tape will have on four-year old daughter.

Mothers Day Top Requests
mother's day

So here are my Mother’s Day top five requests. As much as I appreciate jewelry, chocolates and flowers, these practical gifts would suit me well.

Bullying Advice for Kids – Don’t be a sore loser
Bad Bullying Advice

A Nebraska elementary school sent home bullying advice instructing victims not to be sore losers. The school claims advice was sent with good intentions.

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