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A Mother’s Journey Guides a Daughter’s Success (video)

When Dr. Roshini Raj’s mother migrated from Sri Lanka to attend a medical residency in Brooklyn, she was unaware of the profound example set for her unborn daughter.

Infinite Intangibles of an Erudite Woman and Mother

Dr. Antoinette Ellis-Williams is a super mom with infinite intangibles. She is the sage, the griot, the mentor, the sister, the friend, the teacher, the preacher, and the essence of woman.

A Mother’s Steadfast Faith Saves Her Life

A 27-year old Sudanese mother was almost executed for practicing Christianity. Holding steadfast to her faith made it all worth it.

Babysitting to Bankruptcy

As the financial conscience of our nation, this super mom was shaped through babysitting and bankruptcy.

Mom Protests Dress Code – Photo Goes Viral

A North Carolina super mom finds a way to speak up for her child after the last day of school.

Single Mother is a UCLA Graduate with Three Degrees

A single mother of three sons creates a compelling legacy. As a recent graduate of UCLA with three degrees, Jordan rewrites her life’s script.

Audra’s Broadway Turn Up is Historical

The road to Broadway is paved with disappointment, attempted suicide, redemption, and history-making. Audra McDonald – a creative masterpiece in all that she touches.

Golden Girls had a Golden Mother
golden girls

Golden Girls star Rue McClanahan will be missed. The Oklahoma native was an honors student before she was an award-winning actor.

A Super Bad Mother and First Lady

Chirlane McCray’s candid accounts are a testament to the tenacity and strength of a revolutionary first lady.

13 Tattoos Is Not All That Counts for Jolie

A few tattoos never hurt any super mom, especially if you are Angelina Jolie.

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