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Family Love is a Breeze for this Super Mom

Family is important, but so is loving your high school sweetheart. There was an “us” before there was a “them.”

Mother Maya Raised Me Write

Thank you Mother Maya for your guiding spirit, your lyrical cadence, your precise wisdom in a world of imprecision. Though you are no longer here, my eyes will forever be on you. For you mothered us all so well.

A Mom Who Knows How to be the Boss

Alyssa Milano is a classy supermom who knows how to be the boss.

The View of a Super Mom and Journalist

The female journalist who broke barriers for personalities such as Oprah Winfrey is retiring. But she won’t be too far from the action.

A Mom’s Rapture Revealed

A former PTA mom realizes a dream in her newly published novel Rapture.

The School Case Before Brown v. Board

When a Mexican-American third grader was turned away from her Westminster, CA school, her father had a different idea. The case before Brown v. Board.

A German-born Mom who Loves Image

This German born image activist is more than a super mom. She is a former editorial director of Essence magazine who has worked with Vibe and CNN.

The Other Mom in Chief

This first female and first African-American female executive of Sam’s Club is also a mom of two.

Find Out Why This Super Star Mom Went Undercover

This super star mom was once an undercover university student. Known for her sultry sound and rich vocals, the lone female judge on NBC’s “The Voice” is a dedicated philanthropist and champion for education.

This Mom is Full of Drama

This award-winning writer, director, and producer is all drama. As super mom of three daughters, Shonda Rhimes breaks down barriers one scandal at a time.

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