Chewing Gum Can Land the Job

Your next job is one chew away.

The next time you think about purchasing a pack of gum make sure to stock up. Chewing gum before an interview could be the difference in whether or not you land the job. Researchers say that chewing relieves occupational stress.

Before a big interview, make sure to grab a stick of gum. It will get your blood flowing, sharpen your focus, and help with general information processing.

Chewing some gum before a big interview may help you focus on your talking points, remember important information and rid some of the troublesome stress that’s bringing down your performance. Popping in a stick of gum doesn’t just ensure minty-fresh breath, it might also improve your interviewing skills. Just don’t forget to get rid of the gum before the actual interview! No interviewer wants to see how many bubbles you can blow or how loudly you can pop your gum.

Other pointers to help with getting the job were smiling and mirroring gestures. Read more at Mashable.

What are interview strategies that have helped you land a job? Share your experiences in the comments below.



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