Homeschooling Mom Sends Seven Children to College by Age 12

Homeschooling Without Homework


Harding Family 2013

Kip and Mona Lisa Harding have ten children. In 1997, the military family decided to switch from traditional schooling to homeschooling. The benefit – traveling flexibility and preventing academic setbacks. The Hardings didn’t realize that their decision would result in Hannah, their eldest child, taking college algebra by age 12. Hannah excelled at math. When Mona Lisa learned her daughter could earn college credit, she enrolled Hannah in college full-time. Since then, the Harding’s homeschooling methods have worked for the other children. Six more started college by the age of 12.

What is the secret?  Providing resources based on each child’s interest. It is about catering to their passions versus pushing them to be overachievers.

What about socialization? According to the family, lack of socialization is the biggest misconception. Homeschooling fostered a full social life for the Harding children. They have playdates and scheduled activities with other children whose families are homeschooling. Both parents also work to ensure the kids’ participate in church activities with children their ages.


In their book, the family also provides tips for families who aren’t homeschooling.

Personally, we are completely against homework because kids should be getting plenty of academics in the seven or so hours that they have been in school. Kids absolutely benefit from family time in the evenings and on weekends. Helping your kids with their home- work will help them get it over with so that they are free to spend quality time with you. Encourage them to get it done while at school during any downtime that they may have, if possible. Ask the school to schedule free periods for your child.
Excerpt from The Brainy Bunch: The Harding Family’s Method to College by Age Twelve

Would you enroll your child in college at age 12?





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