The Letter to Myself – Big Butts Don’t Matter

For the past few years I contemplated writing a letter to my younger self. Draft after draft, I could never seem to find the right words or time in my younger life to speak to. Then there were times I felt that the words were disingenuous, filled with musings of ideology. But after reading Phylicia Rashad’s letter to her younger self, I was inspired to finally publish my own. The simplistic and straightforward message not only captured moments of her past, but highlighted moments of importance to her present. Here is my note:

Dear Younger Self,
Recognize the power of time, and embrace the transitions of life.
When you think you are down, look up and there you will be. Remember the boyfriend that dumped you for the girl with the bigger butt, you will run into him again. He will approach. You will be vindicated.
You have a wonderful ability to understand and learn, but you are passionate about everything and nothing.  You are quite noncommittal, and while you dream in color you move in grey areas; barely above the radar. Listen to your inner voice for she will serve you and drive you toward the successes in the years ahead.  It is the scariest, most honest and endearing feeling you will ever experience.
You will cry for superficial reasons at first.  There will be real tears of disappointment, anger, and fear.  Right now, you are walking on leveled plains and the sun is always shining.  But at some point the plains will morph into rocks, ridges and cliffs leaving you with no option but to trust, take  leaps, and be bruised.
Your indecisiveness, fear and lack of faith in you, will force you to a greater power beyond yourself.  You will harness a power that at an early age is unrecognizable; it will lay dormant until that perfect moment in time. That power will be matched by another who you will meet and help you believe.  The two of you will be wild, free and have no regard for the future, yet an endearing and naive faith in each other.  The two of you…dancing, loving and believing recklessly. He will tell you stories beyond the fairy tales and musings of your childhood.  Stories of the three in the fire, stories of the warrior after God’s own heart, the story as it is written…and you will be captivated and mesmerized because the stories didn’t come from a pulpit but from the mouth of the one you love. You will believe and will be reborn.
You will lose your sense of self in raising your young family, but you must search tirelessly to recreate, reinvent, and reestablish you.  Be steadfast in your convictions and sincere in your approach.


3 thoughts on “The Letter to Myself – Big Butts Don’t Matter

    1. Thank you. I would like to think that my younger self would take note of the message. I am sure, unfortunately, that she would not listen.

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