A Mother’s Journey Guides a Daughter’s Success (video)

A Successful Doctor, Mom, Author, and Media Personality Had a Good Teacher

Roshini Raj, MD’s remarkable journey emulates a path previously forged by her determined mother. When Raj’s mother migrated from Sri Lanka to attend a medical residency in Brooklyn, she had no idea that she was setting a profound example for her unborn daughter. Raj’s mother was determined to pursue her professional goals in spite of the conventional Sri Lankan family structure.

Women are responsible for cooking, raising children, and taking care of housework. In families relying on agriculture, women are in charge of weeding and help with the harvest, and among poor families women also perform full-time work for the more well-to-do. The man’s job is to protect women and children and provide them with material support, and in this role men dominate all aspects of business and public life.

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Raj was raised by a father who supported his wife’s earnest endeavors. When her mother decided to pursue the more demanding male-dominated field of gastroenterology, her father was there. Though her mother was busy, Raj believes that she had a “good mom.” The New York University professor suggests that it is unrealistic to ascribe to traditional roles that label men as providers and women as caretakers.  With the help of a very supportive father, Raj’s mother could pursue her passion. In fact, young Raj spent a lot of time with her father, allowing her to form an unconventional bond. Her mother established consistent traditions, encouraging Raj’s own independence. Raj recalls seeing other kids with sandwiches in the shape of hearts prepared by their stay-at-home moms. She knew her mother was busy. Instead of being upset, a young Raj took pride in learning to create her own specially shaped sandwiches.


Dr. Raj with her children. [photo courtesy of Roshini Raj MD]

Dr. Raj took copious notes from her mother and has created a fascinating professional career as a result.  The married mother of two is a practicing gastroenterologist and internist with a special interest in women’s health and an Assistant Professor of Medicine at NYU School of Medicine. She understands the importance of a mate who is willing to step in and parent not based on traditional roles, but based on family needs. The busy doctor is also an author and media personality.

Dr. Raj recently launched a new cosmetic line called Tula. The name is sanskrit for balance.


Dr. Raj with her new cosmetic line.

TULA (www.tulaforlife.com) is revolutionizing complexion care with innovative skincare products using a patented Probiotic Technology. Co-founded by Dr. Roshini Raj, the line features a selection of skin care products, offering a simple and comprehensive skincare regimen. Based on the belief that the same ingredients that are great for your internal health are also great for your skin when applied topically, each product delivers skin-nourishing benefits while also providing anti-aging skincare solutions.


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