An Unborn Baby Performs a Miracle

With two teams of doctors, an unborn baby, and a serious heart condition one Pennsylvania mother experiences a miracle. [photo courtesy of]

Do You Want to be A Fit Mom?

Family, work, and self can be so consuming, leaving no time to be healthy. Check out this great site before you give up on getting fit.
[photo courtesy of]

A Mother’s Steadfast Faith Saves Her Life

A 27-year old Sudanese mother was almost executed for practicing Christianity. Holding steadfast to her faith made it all worth it.

Stay At Home Dad Learns the Hard Way
stay at home

Apology accepted. Former working father turned stay at home dad gets a dose of reality, as he spends his day fending off temper tantrums with chicken nuggets.

On Jheri Curls, Social Media, and Memes

Posting personal moments and pictures on social media leaves you open to criticism and insensitivity of complete strangers. One mother found out the hard way about the importance of protecting her children’s precious moments.

Child Fears Dentist and Is Kidnapped?

Fear of the dentist is a part of growing up for some children. But for this 12-year old French boy, a dentist appointment turned into a kidnapping fantasy. [photo courtesy of The Local]

Babysitting to Bankruptcy

As the financial conscience of our nation, this super mom was shaped through babysitting and bankruptcy.

342 Victims — A Gun Has More Liberty Than A Human Life

Understanding why 342 victims in mass shootings has not changed the gun conversation. (photo courtesy of

Say Goodbye to Your Morning Blues

If you think morning workouts are for morning people, think again. Here are tips to say goodbye to your morning blues.

Mom Protests Dress Code – Photo Goes Viral

A North Carolina super mom finds a way to speak up for her child after the last day of school.

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