Putting the “I” in Inspire
Kim Brown, R.N.

Kim Brown

Webster defines inspiration as, “A divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation.” But I have coined my own definition, “the act of influencing or suggesting opinions” or “to fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something.”

I often wonder if anyone else is in need of a little assistance in the inspiration department. A year ago I asked myself a pivotal question on self-inspiration but was not satisfied with the answer. Even though I have been lauded in my work environment and among peers as a self-motivated and persuasive task master, this in itself is not enough to be self-inspired!

So, here I am almost one year later asking myself that pivotal question again, “What inspires you and what is your purpose?” Well, I have made a conscious decision to do something about providing a satisfactory answer. While I do not profess to have finally discovered the steps that will eventually lead to my destiny or vision, I will no longer wait for it to be presented in plain view. Instead I will make diligent and purposeful strides to recognize what can stir my dormant passions. I recognize my passions. That should be what inspires me or should it?

Today I set out with one goal in mind; run/jog for 30 minutes continuously. I did it. I ran 2.5 miles in 35.18 minutes. Some may snuff at that time and distance because it certainly will not qualify for any record-breaking titles by any national standards. Why is 35.18 minutes so important? That time was my purposeful intention and I completed it, providing my own self-inspiration and stirring a long-term passion to be physically fit.

I have decided to place an “I” in me.

                                    …I in me, that’s pretty catchy….I Inspire me.

I feel that there is a need for more women to become self-inspired. The next time someone asks the question, “Who inspires you?” politely respond, “It’s the I in me. I Inspire me.” This is not arrogance speaking. It is self-awareness speaking. I am not one to shy away from telling someone they inspire me, whether it is a friend training for half marathons, a friend who is starting a blog, or a friend stepping out on faith into a new business venture. They all Inspire me, but that alone is not enough to get me up, moving and shaking. No, I have to Inspire me. I am on the journey to self-inspiration. I don’t know if the phrasing is legitimate or proper, but I am going to use it anyway! Yes, I am on a journey to self-inspiration.

I in me. I will inspire me.

Eleanor Roosevelt once stated, “Do one thing every day that scares you”. Surely, the one thing that scares me should also inspire me. Therefore, I choose not to live life in fear. Are’t we all told to conquer your fears. Don’t we all aspire to be great and want to accomplish goals. So let us recognize the great potential that resides within us and become self inspire.



‏Kim Brown is a former nurse, wife to a wonderfully supportive husband, and mother of two beautiful daughters. She loves creativity and has a strong passion for writing and decorating. Tempering her desires in order to focus on family did not hinder her will to convey her perspective. As a result Kim developed a formidable courage to write in the "I" perspective. Her hope is to inspire, to motivate, and to provide a resolved point of view for women. She welcomes you to come along with her as she navigates this glorious life through her writings.

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