Spanking is Good Discipline for These Celebrity Parents

To Spank or Not to Spank

TinselTownMom highlights celebrity parents who believe in spanking their children.

Whether you’re a celebrity or not, when it comes to discipline every parent has their own method of what works best for their household. And, when spanking is involved many choose to stay mum on the controversial subject.

Here are a few celebs who spank their children.


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1. Solange Knowles
The stylish mother of one says, “If he gets completely out of line, I do the 3 steps. 1 is the look and talk; 2 is taking away something of value to him; 3, you need your butt popped.”



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2. Tichina Arnold
The hip mom of Martin and Everybody Hates Chris Fame sums it up. “I think it’s a shame that law enforcement can get away with beating your children and we as parents; CAN’T!… I do realize some people do things because they were abused and beaten. It is a vicious cycle. Where is that careful balance of love and chastisement?”



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3. Madonna
Her son, David, said that the Material Mom spanked him after he got in trouble for riding a horse.

You won’t believe who else made the list!





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