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A German-born Mom who Loves Image

This German born image activist is more than a super mom. She is a former editorial director of Essence magazine who has worked with Vibe and CNN.

Kinky Girl

My Advice: We are all equipped with everything we need to get what we want.

Fashionable – Chic
As seen at treehugger.com

Simple tips for new moms in unpredictable climates.

Must Have Beauty Tool – A Spoon???

An alternative use for your spoon that will have you looking beautiful.

Sleep Better – simple steps for Moms

9 simple steps to help you finally get some zzzzz…

Finger Fun

When was the last time you let your nail polish work for you? Check out these creative ideas for your…

Favorite Things

Mommy2Go has a few favorite things. From eclectic to sheik to complete comfort…we love these items! We’d love to know…

Never Stay Inside the Lines — An Artist’s Story
The Artist

Your Body, Her Paint.

A Twist on the Bun

Looking fresh and sexy is a must on date night, so my 4 week wear was not going to fly.

Laying Down Edges – How to???

I don’t mind my edges roughing it every now and then. I feel it gives me a sense of authentic and chic grunge which is an occasional style of preference. However, there are times, more often than not, when I like a very sleek and polished look to my tresses. Achieving this look is not always the simplest task.

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