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Reading is Still Fundamental

[posted at Laruelist.com] My father would read Richard Scarry’s volume of stories with me. As a child, I never made the connection that literary enrichment was the key to my academic successes. Now I read everyday.

Family Love is a Breeze for this Super Mom

Family is important, but so is loving your high school sweetheart. There was an “us” before there was a “them.”

Am I Still the Angry Black Woman

[posted at ForHarriet.com] Anger can take you to the point of no return. When fueled by love, it causes Solange to attack her brother-in-law. When fueled by rage, it causes twins to murder their mother. I had to get help after this happened…

Satisfying the Spring Itch – To Clean or not To Clean

Satisfying the spring cleaning itch is hopeless! It never fails. Every year around this time, I get an itch. Not…

Five Survival Tips for the Serial Mover
Couple with moving boxes.

Are you a serial mover with a family in tow? These five tips can help with the stressful transition.

Parents, please spank your children!
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Spankings are an absolute must when raising a child. Now before getting your panties in a bunch and calling the local child services department, let me explain. I am NOT talking about severe physical abuse that leads to scarring, fatalities and traumatic injury.
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Muddy martians

If you are anything like me and live in the north east, then you are anxiously awaiting the the school…

Bountiful Blessings
family pic

As a child, I always looked forward to any occasion that would allow the family to get together. I was especially fond of Thanksgiving because I knew the smells, sounds and movement in the house were reminders that despite dysfunction or disagreement there was love and a sense of family pride.