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Do You Want to be A Fit Mom?

Family, work, and self can be so consuming, leaving no time to be healthy. Check out this great site before you give up on getting fit.
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Sugar is the Sweetest Killer

Excess sugar causes excess problems. Believe it or not the majority of drinks in your pantry may contain this dangerous substance.
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Got Tired? Lose the Wine!

Skip wine before bedtime if you want to feel rested.
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If You Like Flavored Water, Read This

Water has endless health benefits, so why not drink it with a twist.
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Yogi Is Not a Bear- Yoga vs. Pilates

What is the big deal about Yoga and Pilates? Chanting, breathing and meditation were not my idea of a real workout. Then I decided to try them both.

Workout Confessions of a Skinny Fat Girl
Confession of Skinny Fat pic-1

Skinny fat girls need to workout too! Otherwise you may have to deal with multiple health issues that come with age.
I quit workout regimens several times because I was doing it for vanity’s sake. A healthy lifestyle can be maintained with the right intentions and a few good resources.
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Get Healthy – Your Butt Will Thank You

I wanted to eat whatever…my butt had a different idea.

Sleep Better – simple steps for Moms

9 simple steps to help you finally get some zzzzz…