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YouTube Natural Do

This style was almost an epic failure.

Kinky Girl

My Advice: We are all equipped with everything we need to get what we want.

A Twist on the Bun

Looking fresh and sexy is a must on date night, so my 4 week wear was not going to fly.

Laying Down Edges – How to???

I don’t mind my edges roughing it every now and then. I feel it gives me a sense of authentic and chic grunge which is an occasional style of preference. However, there are times, more often than not, when I like a very sleek and polished look to my tresses. Achieving this look is not always the simplest task.

Winter Hair Checklist

Have you noticed that winter storage spaces are always missing one thing: hair products to protect coils and kinks. Hair that is coily, curly or kinky requires the same level of protection during the cold months as the rest of the body. Scarves and hats are only a small piece of the healthy winter hair puzzle. Before adorning one of these lovely items, hair should be properly moisturized and ends should be properly sealed.

Let Go and Let Grow!!!

I hated the way my twists looked in the very beginning because I was accustomed to seeing relaxed short pixie cuts framing my face.

Product Junkie — my must haves!!!
I Love Natural Oils for my Hair!

Gels and Oils are essential to natural or relaxed hair. Before I apply my gels, however, I moisture the area with water, apply oil and then the gel.

As you can see from the collage, I was obsessed with changing the style of my hair on a regular…

Short Cuts
My Short Hair

I loved taking short cuts...