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Say Goodbye to Your Morning Blues

If you think morning workouts are for morning people, think again. Here are tips to say goodbye to your morning blues.

Can You Really Get an Intense Workout in 4 minutes?

Get a complete workout in just four minutes!

Workout Confessions of a Skinny Fat Girl
Confession of Skinny Fat pic-1

Skinny fat girls need to workout too! Otherwise you may have to deal with multiple health issues that come with age.
I quit workout regimens several times because I was doing it for vanity’s sake. A healthy lifestyle can be maintained with the right intentions and a few good resources.
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Combat the Holiday Workout Hiatus Step by Step

Off the holiday hiatus and need to reboot your workout?

Common Workout Mistakes-Greatist
Free weights

Super heroes, we are not. DON’T assume that during the first couple of months you will notice major weight loss or run a miraculous 6 miles in a short period of time.

Don’t Give Up on Getting Healthy

How to stay motivated and encouraged on the journey to healthy?

Still Cant’ Decide…

I have to pay what for sneakers???