An Unborn Baby Performs a Miracle

What is your fondest memory of giving birth? For me, it was that moment when the doctor placed my new child onto my chest. The smell of pure innocence and feeling of a little person clinging to me for dear life were unforgettable. Through each of my four deliveries, I was blessed to revel in those first moments with my babies. For one Pennsylvania mother, her fondest memory was unexpected and nothing short of a miracle when her unborn baby saved her life.

On the day that expectant mother Edita Tracey went to the hair salon, the last thing she was prepared for was open heart surgery. The 35-year old mom was one month from her due date when she had the biggest scare of her life. Newser reports that while Tracey was in the salon chair, she experienced back pains which later moved to her chest. Tracey called 911. At the hospital doctors discovered a rare disorder known as aortic dissection leaving Tracey’s aorta ruptured and bulging. As one of the largest vessels that pumps blood to the heart, the aorta required an immediate operation to save Tracey’s life. But, the operation could pose imminent harm to her unborn baby.

There were two teams in place to deliver the baby and operate on Tracey’s heart. Immediately after a successful C-section, the second team of physicians operated on her heart for nine long hours. “[T]he cardiac team opened Tracey’s chest, drained the blood collecting around her heart and got to work rebuilding her aorta.” 

If it weren’t for her pregnancy, doctors may not have diagnosed Tracey’s condition. Today, Tracey and her baby daughter are at home and well.





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