Workout Confessions of a Skinny Fat Girl
Confession of Skinny Fat pic-1

When I first decided to get fit, it was all about vanity. Who wouldn’t love the idea of popping out multiple children and whipping back into a svelte physique in no time? Celebrities do it all of the time! I figured if I invest the time and money, the results would only be a few months away. I purchased workout videos, books, a gym membership and personal training sessions. And then…I quit – several times.

What was the major reason for my continuous epic fails at looking and feeling healthy? I was doing it for the wrong reasons. There are some individuals who set goals based on vanity and can succeed. But that does not work for me. I’ve been petite all of my life and have never had health issues related to weight gain. When I get dressed, I look good in my clothes. When I am undressed, I look skinny fat. I was fine with that until I turned 35-years old. After experiencing frequent colds, body aches, brittle nails, excessive bloating, skin irritation and mild insomnia, I was committed to getting healthy and staying healthy.

After an assessment of  fitness purchases from the  past, I decided to keep a few things:
Home gym (use Craigslist or friends to help build your arsenal for a reasonable cost)


Gym membership (my fitness goals require the use of gym apparatuses)

Fitness food (this may be the most costly part of the process, but it is well worth it)

I also rely on the Fitness Blender site on YouTube. The site offers free full length workout videos, routines and plans. The Flat Belly workout below is my current abdominal routine. Happy health!



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