Year of the Woman


2012 was an amazing year for women! Not only were they an instrumental factor in the presidential election, women also swept  political seats and were tireless crusaders across the world. This year should be aptly named the Year of the Woman! Here is Mommy2Go’s list of ten women who made their mark in 2012.


First Lady Michelle ObamaAs Comforter In Chief, Mrs. O has made her mark in more ways than one as the the First Lady of the United States.  Whether campaigining against childhood obesity, supporting military families, or comforting families in the Sandy Hook tragedy, she is the ulitmate First Mom. Mrs. O provides a fluid combination of urgency and nurturing to the role of motherhood. It is no surprise that she is on the short list for possible candidates  in 2016!



Elizabeth WarrenAfter her senate victory over the incumbent Republican senator in Massachusetts, Senator Elizabeth Warren is going full speed ahead. A staunch critic of wall street practices, opponents are not happy that she was recently assigned to the Senate Banking Committee. She is a venerable politician who started from humble beginnings in Oklahoma. With a focus on consumer bankruptcy and finance, she has written several books, created Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and also taught law in several universities including Harvard. Her speech during the Democratic National Convention was electrifying as she moved the crowd with her fiery and empassioned appeal. Can someone say President Warren?



Maria Santos Gorrostieta As former Mayor of the small state of Michoacan in Mexico, Gorrostieta was a fighter against drug trafficking. Despite multiple assassination attempts, inlcuding one that left her husband dead, Gorrostieta continued her crusade against the drug lords that had ruined her small town. Hailed as the “heroine of Mexico,” Gorrostieta shared these words with the Christian Post:

Despite that, and despite my own safety and that of my family, what occupies my mind is my responsibility towards my people: the children, the women, the elderly and the men who break their souls every day without rest to find a piece of bread for their children. I will get up however as many times as God allows me to, to keep on searching, scratching, negotiating plans, projects and actions for the benefit of all of society, but in particular, for the vulnerable ones. This is who I am.



Park Geun-hye South Korea’s president-elect Park will become the first female president in February 2013. The daughter of former South Korean dictator Park Chung-hee won a national assembly seat in 1998 and served five terms. She is the first candidate to win a majority of the vote since the country adopted a democratic constitution in 1987.



Hillary Rodham ClintonFormer First Lady and Secretary of State is no stranger to recognition. Clinton is a deliberate politician who also served as a New York State Senator prior to her federal post. Lauded as a strong contender for the 2016 Democratic nominee for president, Clinton may finally get her due. Her 18,000,000 plus cracks in the glass ceiling are still very present!



Jackie LacyJackie Lacey is leading 1000 prosecutors as Los Angeles County’s first female and first Black district attorney. She grew up in a working class family in the Crenshaw District, attended public high school and worked her way up from the bottom of one the largest prosecutorial offices in the nation. A graduate from UC Irvine and USC Law center, Lacey helped to create alternative sentencing courts and the nation’s first animal cruelty prosecution programs.



Gov. Maggie HassanGovernor Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire will be the only female Democratic governor in the U.S. after 2012. Hassan worked as an attorney from 1985-99, when she was appointed as citizen adviser for the Advisory Committee to the Adequancy in Education and Fincance Commission. As a state senator, Hassan fought for low taxes, affordable health care and education. She helped raise the legal high school dropout age to 18 and fought to pass Conner’s Law, which requires insurance companies to cover treatment for autism.



Mazie HironoSenator Hirono is Hawaii’s first female Senator and first Asian-American elected to the senate. Born in Japan and raised in Honolulu, Hirono received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and her J.D. from Georgetown. Senator Hirono served several years with the state’s house of representatives and as Lieutenant Governor.



Gabby DouglassFor Gabrielle Douglas, 2012 was a year of triumphs and firsts. Her performance at this year’s Olympic games in London garnered Olympic gold in the individual all around and team competitions. She is the first Black gymnast to win the Olympic all around title, and is also the first American to win gold in both competitions. Could it get any better for they young gymnast who was not even in the conversation for Olympic title at the beginning of 2012? Of course. Douglas was also selected as the Associated Press’ female athlete of the year.



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Slideshow: These brave and fearless educators lost their lives to save many.  Although 2012 was filled with many triumphs and victories for women, many will not forget the senseless tragedy that left a nation stunned and without recourse. God bless the families of Rachel Davino, Dawn Hochsprung, Anne Marie Murphy, Lauren Rousseau, Mary Sherlach, and Victoria Soto.


There are so many other women that have made a pivotal difference in 2012. Who would you include? Scroll down and comment.



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